by SNAFU Dance Theatre and Snack Music Collective


Snack Music Has been part of multiple festivals including the Edge of the Woods Festival in Huntsville, Toronto Festival of Clowns, Undercurrents in Ottawa, as well  in Montreal and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals.

Snack Music weaves together true stories in a way that is hyper-theatrical and immediate–and involves playing with your food. The show is part house-party, part improv, and part highly-choreographed storytelling.

At the show, a brave audience member chooses to step on stage and tell a true story from their life. The audience then gets to sit back and watch the Snack Music artists recreate that story for them, puppeteering snack-related objects: kitchen implements, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The protagonist might be an onion, running through a hailstorm of marshmallows, taking refuge in a hot tub made out of a bread bowl.

The Snack Music team has puppeteered people’s stories of first dates, awkward sex, dying of cancer, getting lost on the first day of kindergarten, and babies pooping all over their parents! Their mission: to build a temporary community out of the audience – in sixty minutes or less.

“At Snack Music, the party starts as soon as you walk in the theatre.”
★★★★★ – CBC

Snack Music is an absolute riot and you wish it just didn’t have to end.”
★★★★★ – On Stage Ottawa Review

“Charming, kind, and incredibly smart.  The cast is able to communicate in a non-verbal shorthand that translates into beautiful surprises for the audience–it’s not fair to call it “magic,” because the stories told, and the way they’re felt, are too real for that.”
​- Kat Letwin, Audience MemberSnack Music