We Walk Among You

by Artichoke Heart

We Walk Among You has been performed in the Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Festival, Festival de Casteliers, Montreal Fringe as well as full length runs in Toronto and Montreal.

“Artichoke Heart manages to capture the charm of the Muppets and the creepiness of Tim Burton to deliver a piece of theatre that is incredibly beautiful.” –Jonathan Zagrodnik – The Theatre Reader

“This is a show to make your heart burst—as scary as it is beautiful, its hard to describe the emotional strength of the at times tragically dark, at times lightly comedic, but ultimately stunning show.” – Thea Fitz-JamesMyEntertainmentWorld.ca

“Get past your preconceived notions about puppets.  Puppets can be as real and as emotionally evocative as any human being, with a rich inner tapestry of complicated motivations like jealousy and ambition.” -Rachel Levine – CultMTL

“Holy f*cking sh*t mind blown again: We Walk Among You was disarmingly moving! Beautiful dark and sweet all at once GO SEE IT!” -@9to5cc –http://9to5.cc/


Director – Tijiki Morris
Sound Designer – Michelle Bensimon
Assistant Sound Designer – Sam Bergmann-Good
Set Designer – Flavia Hevia
Lighting Designer – Jennifer Lennon
Dramaturg – Nina Lee Aquino
Production Stage Manager – Kristina Abbondanza
Assistant Stage Manager & Puppet Builder – Andrew Pospisil
Head Puppet Builder – Lin-Mei Lay
Puppeteers – Aisha Bentham, Andrew G Young, David Chinchilla, Michelle Urbano, Talia DelCogliano
Foley Artist – Alexandra Barberena